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sexual assault prevention powerpoint presentation

Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2022-01-14 21:33:40
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“It’s a good thing you cut me out when you did. I couldn’t have held on much longer!”

“Perhaps he has come to save us!” cried Mark.

There sounded a muffled report. Then it seemed to those in the cylinder that the end of the world had come. They shot upward and outward, through the top of the conning tower which had been removed. The cylinder, launched straight at the column of water struck it squarely and, an instant later was caught in the grasp of the giant force and hurled toward the upper world.

Something on the floor caught his eye. He stooped and picked it up. It was a slice of bread, but in such shape that the boy stared at it, puzzled as to how it could have become so.


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