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Sometimes, of course, that leads me into mistakes.

Really putting on airs. Not Sam. He is down to earth and knows who he is.

One year, on George Washington's birthday, Phil Green (remember the world's largest Tide display)ran an ad saying his Fayetteville store was selling a television set for twenty-two centsthe birthday beingon February 22. The only hitch was that before you could buy that television set you had to find it first.

That was the start of a lot of the practices and philosophies that still prevail at Wal-Mart today. I wasalways looking for offbeat suppliers or sources. I started driving over to Tennessee to some fellows Ifound who would give me special buys at prices way below what Ben Franklin was charging me. One Iremember was Wright Merchandising Co. inunion City, which would sell to small businesses like mine atgood wholesale prices. I'd work in the store all day, then take off around closing and drive that windyroad over to theMississippi Riverferry atCottonwood Point,Missouri, and then intoTennesseewith an oldhomemade trailer hitched to my car. I'd stuff that car and trailer with whatever I could get good dealsonusually on softlines: ladies' panties and nylons, men's shirts and I'd bring them back, price them low,and just blow that stuff out the store.

Beyond that, we feel very strongly that Wal-Mart really isnot, andshould not be, in the charity business.


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